Confessions of a crazy mom

getting whipped, coming back for more!


Is it right for the Crazy Mon to play at being a stripper on her X-Pole – ask because they are the ones that inspired me when I had a go on one of their rental poles in the pub when I went to a bizarre mid-week hen night the whole notion of a Wednesday night drunken all-girls revel is a bit strange to begin with but in for a penny, in for a pound ….

I was actually only on the pop so didn’t have  a bleary have of ethanol to hide behind. This made stepping out for a strut and a spin even more exciting and exhilarating for me.  I was “in the zone” just me and my X-Pole the all-girl audience were transformed into men in suits all waiting to stuff bank notes into my garter …

Actually that was not the real thoughts in my mind it was really more about how great this would be for an exercise routine if I was to take it up as a regular practice – so that’s exactly what I have done. I’ve signed up for a course of 10 lessons in Brighton.

The idea of 10 lessons is to stop me from backing out when I get a bit too tired. and it’s late and I haven’t cooked dinner yet. I would never retreat from something that I’ve paid for – never!

So what I need to decide now as a pole dance along in the gym – is should I be thinking stripper pole with a dirty mind full of salacious  thoughts that really should not be shared on this blog or should I be thinking X-Pole Sport and imagine myself into the mind of an Olympic gymnast?


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