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Referring back to the original super-enthusiastic post here imaginatively entitled X-Pole – I have been swayed towards the idea of actually going for a cheaper, more disposable pink party pole. There is something pleasing about the throwaway nature of this almost disposable pole. Perhaps I was getting to carried away with the hallowed nature of the x-pole dancing pole when really it is just  toy. Actually not literally a toy although Tescos might think otherwise read here 

Actually that story is worthy of an entire post when I get a chance – but for now I was just openly pondering the idea of substituting the expensive and serious bit of sporting kit for what is more or less just a curtain pole that could bare no more weight than a child – hence the Tescos idea presumably…

But my point is if I just intent to strut around it like a cat on heat marking a tree then the colour is perfect and it means that I am not taking myself too seriously .. but then again, just like you would buy a computer with over specification, so you could well choose to  get yourself a pole that allows you to out spin felix cane – then again maybe not!






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