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Whipped Cream With Strawberries

whipped cream strawberries And perhaps this is being a bit too decadent – but I am so very much looking forwards to the start of the soft-fruit season that I’m already tucking into the strawberries! I got the idea from  to put the cream into rather tha onto the strawberries. It might be a subtle difference but it seams to add a touch of class to the whole preceding don’t you think?Which is not to say that they aren’t already sophisticated balls of delight – but hiding a bit of whipped cream into the middle of them really does make me feel like the cat that got the cream – if you’ll forgive the pun. I tried using my whipped cream dispenser to start with but found that it added too much fluff to the cream – so all I was really stuffing into the middle of the berries was nitrous oxide – no laughing matter! so instead I hand whisked them – and very hard work on my wrist it was too – to get a denser, thicker foam.

Delightful … and unlike the picture I grabbed I used a chocolate drop on top of each one to  give it some texture.

Now for the sad part … the actual fruit was a real let-down.

This of course only serves me right for trying to get into the game to early. After all, ever one knows that  it is a crime to eat strawerries and cream before the first day of Wimbledon!!!

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