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Vodka Jelly Love

How much fun were those vodka jelly shot parties? well I’ve realised that I’m not too old to continue with that fun! This weekend the case was proved, with a full-on, hardcore pole dancing jelly party!


The story went something like this…. it was a regular x-pole dancing session, when my old chum Neville turned up with a bottle of stoli… now, I was feeling kinda hot and sweaty with only my pole dancing shorts and a crop top on – but there was an appeal to a vodka cool down. Unfortunately Neville was not going to give it out for free, he has other things in mind – in particular re-living a particular lime-jelly love fest that turned into naked wrestling in his basement after a particularly good vodka jelly party.

So, I had to cooperate with his plan… fortunately he already had the jelly mix in a Tupperware – and surprise, surprise it was indeed lime just like the olden days.

We took some plastic shot tumblers out of the cupboard and filled them with the tepid green gelatine, then stirred in the vodka. I had been told that this is the best way to make jello shots is in fact by using tepid, rather than hot jely mix – it keeps more of the alcohol where you want it, rather than turning it all into vapour and letting it float out the window.

We put the jelly into the freezer to speed up the setting, although I was a bit worried about going too far and ending up with solid lumps of jelly. It took half an hour of patience until the texture was just right, then we transferred the tray of shot glasses into the fridge to keep them at just the right temperature and consitency.




The first shots went sliding down my neck like the perfect Mersea Oyster and they followed thick and fast after that.

After maybe half a dozen each, then we both realised that I still had the x-pole up in my bedroom and as we both realised this at the same time, we went through and looked at the situation.

The crash mat looked wipe-clean and I had a pretty good idea that my xpert could be wiped down, this left us with a jelly-proof environment in which to play.

It didn’t take long before I’d whipped down the pole shorts and we were both slimy with the green goo. If you ever get the chance to try this at home … and I hope you do, then

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