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Russian Cream Chargers

russian cream chargers

russian cream chargers

The spy came in from the cold – and she was armed with cream chargers … the story must be told!

After a splurge at I found myself with a wholesale box of cream chargers and nothing much to do with them … but luckily the lady downstairs had a special guest Natasha the iron lady with the red heart and the love of whipped cream – and nothing else but a fur coat.

The surprise came before I did – well actually we both did, but it was almost a match. When she got up to the flat then I asked her to remove the jacket – which she promptly did, but as it fell the the floor then it was quickly revealed that there was nothing else going on beneath it!!!

The smooth skin and the soft fur had us both collapsing into paroxysms without much a pause for thought – the whipped cream was actually my idea but sh was never going to argue about the injection of large quantities of kinky cream now was she? Three times we rocked the world and three times we used the dispenser for the cream squirts – there was certainly a lot of cleaning up to do – but that was no hardship and although my legs had turned to jelly I could still handle the mop without much effort.

The next morning we had enough of the cream left for a coffee and the happy memories were rekindled – if it wasn’t for the fact she needed to get back to work then I’m sure we’d have begun again at the beginning and worked our way through the whole thing again!!!

The costume was from yandy which unfortunately lets you in on the fact that it was not really a Russian Spy! However I can say, with my hand on my heart that the cream chargers from the Cheeky Monkey were the real deal – and as for the kinky cream and what it triggered, that was very real too!

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