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Peekaboo Pole

OK, so I had to share – I’ve gotta a story published on – it’s called me and my peekaboo pole – and is a diversion from my more serious work on my x-pole sport

The story is really a bit of a tease in fact it is all about tease – it deals with the question of how wild you can drive a man simply by dancing in front of them – is it literally possible to drive them out of their mind simply by taking a spin on a peekaboo pole? NB: I did not wish to dirty and slurry my X-Pole with this project which is why I had to borrow the peekaboo pink pole for it…

I was inspired by a story called the humorist which is a story about a man that master the art of comedy to such an extent that he literally causes people to  laugh themselves to death – my story – which is fiction, even if I wish it wasn’t – deals with a pole dancer that can whip men into such a state of general lust and excitement that they can bear it no longer and simply explode into a passion-death. This goes beyond the simple petit-mort that can happen in these situations but goes all the way to the grand-mort – and that is for real!

It was a true eye opener into what men actually think as they watch a tease show – I had to do plenty of research to find out enough and it is brutally honest – in that most of the background really is based upon truth – well almost….







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