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Molecular Mixology

molecular mixology

molecular mixology

I am not a complex creature – so perhaps that is time I became a bit more sophisticated! A simple molecular mixology kit, might be the answer…. it might also help me get through some of those wholesale cream chargers that are filling my box right now!

When I drill down into it then it seams that a molecular drink – is in reality a drink that is just a but more complicated. I think they are really a boy’s thing – and although I have just bought myself a molecule-r molecular Mojito kit – I a reading the instructions and thinking to myself, that perhaps it is more appropriate to try to make the experience of drinking it into the complex and novel part of the experience – I can here make the analogy of the sushi bar that went down the route of wrapping the waitress i clingfilm and then lying her upon the table – rather than paying to get a higher quality of sushi-chef…

So, as the crazy mom is going to be the person that serves the drinks – the maybe I can make myself more complex and molecular and then serve simple cocktails – I think the guest will be every bit as happy with that!!!

But as I do own the molecule-r kit – I suppose I really should go to some effort to use it – so maybe I can combine the two – I might not be wearing much under my lab coat tonight!!!

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