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I want to be a good Cream Mom

As like as me, today’s mom are so much busy with their other activities. Personally, I have to busy with my job almost all day long. Although, now I like to spend most of my times with my children, after an accident occurring a couple of weeks ago.


On that day, I and my husband went to our job early at the morning. Often there is a care taker for our children at the home. But, that day, the care taker did not come due to his illness and I totally forgot that thing. When I was leaving home, I was thinking that the care taker will come after some times. So, I had no headache about children. It was so unexpected that, children had to stay at home alone till my lunch time. There was nobody to prepare any food for them. My children are only 5 and 7 years old, so they did not have that ability to prepare or cook their food by their own.


Just at the lunch time, at about 2 pm, when I come back to home, I cried out after seeing my little kids’ condition. I was really feeling very much shameless and still I am. My kids were starving till lunch and waiting for their mom. How could a mom do such thing with her own children! But, truly speaking, I did not do that by my own wish. That was unexpected! Really unexpected!


From then, I love to spend most of my times with my children. I’ve already reduced my other work pressures. Now, my only wish is to see happy my children. I realize that feeling, when my little kids call me mom. That is awesome! So, now I want to be a good mom, not a busy mom.

One obvious solution is to train your kids in the art of the cream chargers – so they can always prepare a snack for themselves!

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