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Cream Chargers


cream chargers

I’m having a cream chargers foam party! Actually that is almost half-true! But take your eyes off the  Ibiza foam party above because this is an entirely more wholesome flavour of foam made with whipped cream dispenser and nitrous chargers and a recipe I found at the idea is to create a culinary foam with the lighter than air cream charger.
If you aren’t aware of what an Espuma is then it is a culinary foam – the word for foam in Spanish is actually espuma. Which is probably why, when I google for espuma images then what I actually came up with was pictures of foam parties – not whipped cream dispensers!

The goings on at my flat this evening will be fun – but don’t expect me to be wearing a string two-piece and rubbing myself all over though.

I am attenuating to make a light and fluffy  whipped foam to accompany the two juicy pieces of salmon steak that my mother bought for me. The lemon air will hopefully dazzle my guest (sorry it’s a secret who it is) whilst the kids are away with grandma – isn’t she great. To salmon steaks and some pure beefcake for diner with out any kids to worry about.

The asparagus wasn’t chosen because of its aphrodisac qualities – more because I thought it would go nicely with the salmon!

You can visit the site for the recipe but basically the idea is that you can pump nitrous oxide into any liquid, as long as there is something to hold it in place once it is there. This works with whipped cream because cream just naturally does that sort of thing. I’m going to be using  gelatin which will hopefully work just as well.

Although I have to get the idea of animal hooves out of my mind when I prepare it – coz we all know that that’s exactly where the gelatin came from and hooves – horse/camel should definitely b on the menu tonight! Well I’ll report back on both the espuma and the date – hopefully both will produce a fine frothy dessert – and leave a taste in the mouth that can be savoured for ever – or al least until the nest time!

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