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Cream chargers making jelly bubbles?

What happens when you want to combine the twin loves of cream chargers and vodka jelly? Well, I wanted to find out…. how did it go?

I had a surfeit of chargers after taking advantage of a wholesale offer in order to qualify for the free next day delivery. So what was I to do with all of those extra chargers? Well, I also happened to be hosting a vodka jelly party, so what could be simpler than combining the two? So al  did was to tip the vodka jelly into the whipped cream dispenser and give the thing a shake! Then squirt into the bowls.

Jelly and Cream Chargers

Jelly and Cream Chargers

Actually, it was not quit that simple – the first trial was a disaster, I think I let the jelly solidify before I tried to pressurize the dispenser with the nitrous oxide. The second attempt then I put in the jelly whilst it was still warm (but not hot), I was a bit concerned that because I used a budget dispenser then the gaskets wouldn’t be able to handle the heat – thought the’yd melt or something. As it turns out, they’re made from silicone and not rubber so are fairly heat-proof. I’m not saying you can boil them (but maybe you can?) but they seemed fine with the jelly when it was liquid at about 50 degrees ( the temperature of a hot bath). I then charged it with a single cream charger before letting it sit and set in the fridge for about four hours. Then I simply let the pressure of the nitrous charger push it out, it foamed as it went.

The whole experience was good fun – but next time, I think I’ll try using a CO2 charger so that it keeps the fizz as it cools. The acidity might mess with the set of the jelly a bit, but it’ll also give a tang to the vodka jelly shot.

If you want to try this at home, then you could try and follow my method (you could hardly call it a “recipe”!) or simply wing-it and see how you go. It can’t go too far wrong, it’s got the winning combination of vodka jelly and whiped cream chargers. And in case you cared – the crazy mom used lime jelly!

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