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I admit that sometimes I let my emotions get the best of me (duh) and sometimes what I write comes across differently than I meant. I knew that my post yesterday would push some buttons. Surprisingly, all of the feedback I got on the blog or facebook was positive. I did however have a conversation with a friend that concerned me a little bit. My comments about politics and Planned Parenthood specifically rubbed her the wrong way.

I am not apologizing for what I wrote and I still stand behind every word, but in case I was misunderstood I would like to clarify a couple of things. When I participated in the Susan G. Komen run in September I sent an email to friends asking for donations to the cause. I received an email from a friend telling me that I should think twice about supporting Komen because it was a known fact that they had given money to Planned Parenthood. I chose to do the run anyway. I was doing it in honor of a dear friend who is a breast cancer survivor and I believe that the Susan G. Komen foundation has done a lot of good in the fight against breast cancer and that is why the email bothered me. I felt it was sent to spread negativity and possibly hurt the Susan G. Komen foundation and it was an attempt to negate all the good they do. I chose to ignore the email, as did other friends of mine who I know are pro-life. I did not look into why they gave money to Planned Parenthood or how much. I am pro-life, and I like to think I am pro-life in all regards (except maybe bugs, rodents, and snakes…but that is for another day). I do not support the death penalty. My statements were meant to make a point about people being pro-life when it comes to the abortion issue but not pro-life when it comes to capital punishment. In regards to emails asking me not to support businesses that support the homosexual lifestyle, I meant that exactly as I stated it, those make me crazy!! As far as politics go, I never said if I was Republican or Democrat. I’m still not saying. I was merely stating that there are many more issues to consider when placing a vote. My friend pointed out that the church does not tell us to vote Republican they tell us to vote pro-life (which most of the time is Republican). Again I was trying to make a point of the hypocrisy I see in making one life more valuable than another.

Like I said, I’m not backing down from what I said, but I would hate to think people were upset about things I didn’t mean to imply.

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