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Child Safety and Cream Chargers

I cannot able to spend so many times with my kids as I often have to busy in my work. Although I try to follow some rules to let my baby safe:


When I use the oven, I’ve seen that it attracts my baby! Using of oven is a matter of huge energy; so it is better to cook several things at a same time while oven is used. Except it is about to cook a cake, I always keep the door of the oven closed, I can roast my vegetables, when the mutton or chicken or beef is roasting. Otherwise I prefer to formulate ahead many meals at a time, so that, it takes a lesser amount of energy as well as saves huge valuable times, and it is not much time to busy the baby in other activities.

When I use cream chargers then I always try to keep the cartridges out of reach – they look too tempting to tiny eyes and fingers.

I think, White Vinegar as well as Baking Soda, these are the finest ordinary cleaners. I do not prefer to pay out on saleable cleaners which come in synthetic bottles, and these kinds of bottles are so much harmful for babies. I like to use glass bottles with cover to store dry meals, as an alternative of warping synthetic wraps on meal plate. I like to have packet meals in reusable pots or containers as an alternative of using synthetic bags; it’s safe for the child. Plastic dishes and paper dishes are just supplementary trash, washing dishware are a little disturbed but it is beneficial also!!!! I don’t misuse food, over freeze them and make a left all night while I heat up and little one part meals to have. Save money as well as time and also suitable for my child.

I prefer to have much more safety for my kid, do you?

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