Confessions of a crazy mom

getting whipped, coming back for more!

Chargers, executive, and public prosecutor

Women are now busier than yet. We are moms, entrepreneurs, executive, and public prosecutor and so on at a time! And so it’s not a shock that we regularly face clashes in managing our many tasks. We continuously struggle to locate the ideal stability linking home-life with career-life. Therefore, our style and awareness of the newest trends get a backseat at the back of children, outdoor works, and many other household responsibilities. For several of us, selecting out of wearing in the dawn is an anxiety tasks.


However, we moms are bound to look after out children in proper way. Otherwise, they can be miss-guided by other ways. So, it is very much necessary to guide them properly as our own way. Sometimes, we can play video games with them with a childish attitude as children expected from us. Show them the merits and also demerits of over-playing these video games with their own language, what they can accept easily. In making understand them about it, I never behalf rough to them. So, they can take it very easily and understand also.


I often, in my holidays, let my children to visit to any park with my husband, so they can entertain themselves and feel better at the weekend. They eagerly wait for the weekend, but if I cannot able to do so due to my any other activities, I confirm them that earlier.


I always try take best care of my children, so than I think they can never say that, our mom is busy. Off course I am! But, I never let them to feel that. I believe that, it is not true that a busy mom can never take actual care of their children. Obviously they can, if they try.

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