Confessions of a crazy mom

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Whoever said I would be bored once all of my kids were in school was crazy. In fact, I think it was the other way around…I was bored when my kids were home. YIKES…that sounds bad, even to me. Let me clarify…

I have always been grateful for the fact that I could stay home with my girls. I always recognized that it was a privilege that a lot of women didn’t have. I always knew it was the best decision for me and my entire family. But, let’s face it, a lot of the time I was doing the same things over and over and over without much thought. Get up, fix breakfast, break up fights, calm tantrums, fix lunch, break up fights, kiss a boo-boo, fix dinner, break up fights, bathe kids, put them to bed, collapse. Throw in some errands when I was feeling brave, maybe have a friend over to play, do a craft or game once or twice a year, and that pretty much sums it up. I was busy and I never felt like I was accomplishing anything, but it was monotonous and although the years flew by, the days seemed to drag on forever at times. The truth is, I’m just not very good at playing with my kids, I never loved going to the park or the zoo, and like I said, I’d rather have a sharp stick in the eye than get out the play-doh or sit down for a game of “Candyland”. My kids are far more entertained at school than they are with me.

Two months have passed since my three babies left all together on that big yellow bus for the first time and I have never been busier. The thing is that I love all of the things that keep me busy now. I had jury duty in September for a couple of weeks which was absolutely fascinating (still intending to write a post on that), I am almost finished with my 30-day hot yoga challenge (so many changes I can’t wait to share), and I meditate every morning for at least 10 minutes. I try to work on the blog a little each day, which sometimes means reading other blogs for inspiration or joining a group to network and learn more. I’ve also been to lunch with friends a few times, and I volunteer at school more than ever before (but not too much) and I really enjoy it, which is especially surprising. I keep up with the important things like dishes and laundry, and I put things away more than before, but my house still isn’t really clean and I haven’t cooked those healthy and delicious meals I was planning, but with all the yoga and meditating I’m doing, I don’t really care. Earlier tonight I was making a to-do list for things that need to be done this week to be ready for Halloween weekend, and I truly do not have time while the girls are at school Wednesday and Thursday (random day off on Friday ) to get it all done.

There are times I think about getting a job, but not because I’m bored…only because I’m redefining my dreams and expectations and I’m willing to try something new. I don’t think I’ll be bored ever again, at least not until school gets out for the summer.

Until later…

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