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Benefits of Yoga

You know I love yoga, and I also have an addictive personality, so a 30-day yoga challenge seemed like a really good idea to me. And it was a good use for my pole dancing shorts.

I began the challenge on Friday, October 1st. I knew before I signed up that Saturdays would be impossible for me, and I was going to have to let that go, so I was committed to every weekday, and as many weekend days as I could manage for the whole month. I actually only have to complete 22 classes to be entered into the prize drawing, but I’m shooting for 26.

I always feel very calm and peaceful when I leave a class, but I hadn’t figured out how to carry that feeling for long. Since I started the challenge (I’ve been to 8 classes in 10 days), that feeling has stuck with me. It’s hard to describe, all I can say is that I am calm inside, I have more patience, I am a better listener, and I just don’t feel the stress that I am normally fighting. Last week was extremely busy. I had been on jury duty for 2&1/2 weeks and I had to reschedule several appointments for last week and I also had to be at school to help in Reilly’s class a couple of times. On top of that, I was going to yoga everyday, which is about a 3 hr commitment (driving, class time, shower). I normally hate weeks like that and I never once got overwhelmed over all I had to do, and I also wasn’t bothered by the things that weren’t getting done. I felt peace.

I felt so peaceful that when Reilly spilled a whole glass of milk at dinner one night, I just got a towel and cleaned it up, without a single “dammit”. It was no big deal. On Friday, Addy had a friend spend the night and I helped them make treats with Addy’s new Girl Gourmet kit, I let them get out a new board game, and I let them make candy jewelry at the kitchen table (I hate that stuff and usually end up yelling). Then today the girls were out playing with this giant inflatable ball that you climb inside and roll around the yard. It was a Christmas present, but it just came out of the box yesterday (once again because I hate toys that require any effort from me, why does Santa keep bringing them??). Of course, all the neighborhood kids wanted in on the action, which led to all kinds of screaming and whining and fighting over whose turn it was and who had to push and so-and-so already had 2 turns and it’s my ball why do I have to share, shouldn’t I get more turns than my friends? I’m sure you can imagine the scene. Anyway after about 10 minutes of listening to that nonsense and trying to direct the proceedings, Addy came up to me crying about her turn for the third time. I calmly said to her, “All of this fighting and carrying-on makes me want to go in the kitchen and get the sharpest knife we have and come out and pop the thing.” Addy looked shocked and said, “I thought you were feeling peaceful these days?” I smiled and said, “I am. I am completely at peace with that plan.” The fighting stopped, for today anyway. Yoga is fan-freakin-tastic!! Back to the pole dancing!

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