Confessions of a crazy mom

getting whipped, coming back for more!

About Me

I’m busier than I want to be and at the same time I find time to begin this crazy blog! Some make what you want from that information! I think I’ll try to update it daily – but we shall see how it goes. After all I have lot to be getting on with – but that is possibly one reason why I’m doing this it’s sort of like going out without having to get childminders. So that means that you – my readers – are now officially my buddies! It will be a largely one sided conversation – mainly due to the fact that I’ve turned off the blog commenting – this is not because I don’t love ¬†– because I do – but rather because I’d like my flows and rants to be one sided. Sorry if that makes you feel blocked out but it’ll make it easier for me to speak my ¬†mind without worrying about offending or disagreeing with anyone.

So let me introduce myself …I live in the south-east of England and have a great little flat with a view of the sea. This is another way I get to go out whilst staying in. By simply looking out of my window I can be either a boat being tossed about on the ocean – miles from land – or on other days I can be there paddling through azure waters…

I work as much as I need to – mainly from home – connected as I am to the world with my Talk Talk internet line – once again I get to go out whilst staying in.

I have two kids- as precious as diamonds wrapped in silk! They are the centre, edge and reason for my world. They are in equal measures genius and stupid and very much of the say-what-you-see persuasion. There will be much, much more about them later – I intend to keep up this blog whilst they are asleep – due to the high energy, hi-impact lives that they lead they do tend to flake out quite early.

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